Josh Yoder is a visual artist, musician, writer, filmmaker and graphic designer, residing in Atlanta GA. His creative aspirations were sparked at a young age by the influence of his father, Marlan Yoder, an accomplished painter. At age 11, music became Josh’s foremast passion. By 14, he and his twin brother, Graham, were writing and recording their own songs and had put together their critically acclaimed band, Jungol. After 15 exciting years, the band continues to work in the studio but has stepped away from touring. Not being on the road has freed Josh to explore other creative avenues.

In 2012 Josh wrote, directed and edited his first film, Go Softly, which was featured at the Atlanta Film Festival 2014 and on Comcast On Demand. The story follows several odd characters through an otherworldly autumn forest as they experience abandonment, growth, and ultimately transformation. Josh constructed puppets, costumes, and sets from a variety of materials to present his visually stimulating twisted tale. Go Softly unveiled a new and limitless frontier for Josh and he continues to revisit its themes in his work.

“Experimenting with many different artistic mediums has become crucial in helping me shape new vehicles to drive my storytelling into places I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.”

In 2014 Josh focused his efforts on performance art and art installations. Many of these pieces brought various components together to create unique environments designed to trigger all the senses. Some of the elements were video projection, unique lighting, choreography, theater, live music, spoken word, elaborate sets, greens, surreal characters and large transforming structures. Bird Mountain was a large environment created for The Goat Farm + Scoutmob Halloween party. The centerpiece to this world was a 20’ x 12’ mountain shaped as two conjoined bird heads which transformed into a 15’ tall puppet. Josh continued these types of projects into the following year, and in February of 2015 the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival invited him to design and build a large scale interactive installation, Spaceballs: The Shwartz, for their annual Art Party.

Josh is currently working on his first full length feature film, Lizard Brain, along with several new art pieces in the Atlanta area.


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