On June 6th 2015 Jungol and friends performed FOOFARAW II at Ponce City Market in Atlanta GA for the event Wonderfarm.

Written, Directed by Josh Yoder

Choreography by Jacqui Hathaway
Boxography Josh Yoder

Live music by Jungol and Dark Room

Costume design by Jacqui Hathaway, Josh Yoder
Doctor costume by Ethan Gabriel Jack

Ethan Gabriel Jack
Performer (Doctor)
Rachel Rarick
Performer (Box Girl)
Jacqui Hathaway
Performer/Choreographer (Box Girl)
Tara Jaime
Performer (Box Girl)
Leanna Usher
Performer (Box Girl)
Josh Yoder
Performer (Bag Man)
Hunter Pietrobon, Andres Miller, Josh Yoder, Graham Yoder, Mark Garretson
Box Construction
Tyler Nadeau
Box Lights
Graham Yoder
Live Sound

Filmed by Raymond Chang
Edited by Josh Yoder

Projection Video: Go Softly
Edited by Josh Yoder
Filmed by Nick Bach, Bill Worley, Andrew Ross, Christopher Gill

Projection help from Atlanta Film Festival Crew